About Ropix

Ropix started as an idea in a boxing gym in NYC in 1991. As all boxers do, I began to incorporate jumping rope into my training. Before long I knew I did not have the right shoes. The more I jumped, the more I hurt later in the day. After a long search, I discovered that there were no proper shoes available for this purpose. Boxing shoes didn't have any cushioning, and running shoes had too much cushioning. I discovered that the "cross-trainer" is the recommended shoe for jump rope. As the name implies, these shoes are for multiple purposes and attempt to cover a wide range of activities. The "cross-trainer" was invented more as a marketing need rather than an equipment requirement. In fact, The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine supports the policy of sports-specific shoes and advises against the use of cross training shoes for most uses.

Years later, I finally decided to create a shoe that would fit this need. Ropix are the first of its kind, not only specific to jumping rope, but suitable for all forefoot activities. Because of the tailored cushioning, Ropix are beneficial for any sport or activity that place impact on the balls of your feet. They are also lightweight, comfortable and perfect for casual wear.

You don't have to jump with a pair of Ropix, but you'll know you can…

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